5 Handy Tips to Cook Perfect Spaghetti All the Time

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Welcome to the Faasos blog! How have you been keeping in your neck of woods, what is cooking in your kitchen and what new recipes did you discover this week? For us, it’s been a fab day in our R&D Kitchen, giving those veggies a toss and gravy a stir. We {the blog team} bonded an entire day with our dear chefs {read: irritated them with a plethora of questions} learning the nitty gritties of a commercial kitchen {about which we will give you a lot more in the coming days} and also got to try our hands on a couple of fantastic recipes that are worthy of being shared. Today is Friday, and we couldn’t help but share this fabulous quick, week night dinner recipe which also happens to be the Chef’s favorite!


“Perfect for Friday night and a long tiring day”, says Chef Vijay, “is this simple recipe which uses classic Italian flavours, very few ingredients, demands very little effort and yet comes out glorious”. Well, for people like us who work a 12 hour shift + 12 hours dreaming about the 12 hour shift to follow the next day, that sounded pretty fabulous. And we think you, like us, would love to take a look at this super easy, super tasty one bowl recipe that is definitely up for keeps. To add- so you can cook the most perfect bowl of scrumptious spaghetti- we will also give out what the chef names as “the bible for cooking spaghetti” – so you can cook spaghetti like pro, perfectly al dente!


Here’s to you the Recipe of Spaghetti Strung Sausages In Red Sauce 

Ingredients Grms
Spaghetti pasta 200
chicken Sausages( cut in round approx 2 inch long) 150
Onion minced 20
Garlic minced 20
Olive oil 30
Italian tomato can/ blanched peeled  and desseded tomatoes 200
Chili flakes 5
Salt 5
Pepper 10
Parmesan cheese 20
Basil 15
Pierce suasages with raw spaghetti
boil in hot water with salt for approximately 15mins or once pasta is Al dente
Heat oil in a pan. Add onion garlic and chili flakes.
Add chopped tomato and cook for 5 mins
Add boil pasta and toss it evenly.
Finish with handtorned basil leaves , salt, pepper and parmesan cheese
Serve hot

Yummm! Classic Italian flavors come together to give you a bowl full of homey, hearty goodness that you just can’t deny. Seriously, this is comfort food minus the humongous kilo calories! What a shocker of taste and what a fool proof one bowl dish to make. And while still basking in the glory of it all, here are a few tips that the Chef recommend you follow to have that perfect Sausage & Spaghetti.

Tips For Cooking Pasta

  • Always Cook pasta in boiling water: this will ensure even cooking of pasta
  • Never wash the pasta for cooling after boiling:  as the starch will wash away. Starch will be required for binding the pasta with sauce and gives more glutinous feel  on pasta
  • Spread the pasta evenly after boiling so that it cools down faster and there is no excess carry-over cooking if the pasta is kept one above the other
  • Fresh pasta  dough can be infused with lots of flavor and color  like saffron(yellow), squid ink(black), basil(green), paprika(red)

Feeling very culinary educated we are, and we cannot wait to try it out! Let us know what other sausage and pasta variations have you tried, tips from your kitchen and how you loved our recipe. For now, Adieu!


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