Faasos #Version3 – All about the Out-of-Ordinary update

Streamlining user experience like never before

We are in the business of offering 7-star experience to our consumers on a platter and what better than augmenting that experience through enhanced consumer interface with faster UI. Underlining ‘better consumer interface’ here with Faasos Version3, the updated version of the already existing app.

Constantly striving to bring the perks of eating out in the comfort of your home space without the hassle of stepping out, the tech team here is to be blamed for introducing simple yet comprehensive (updated) version of the app. The V3 version will streamline user experience like never before and will enhance customer interface with faster UI.

How does this help consumers?

Faasos is omnipresent

The new platform draws attention to One-mobile-device system. This means it highly reduces the compelling dependence on physical infrastructure such as internet connection, electricity etc. The technology is so advanced that it enables us to run services from anywhere in the country thus guarantying availability of your food irrespective of any infrastructure hurdles.

So, refrain from making diet plans; Faasos will now be able to serve you 365 days a year, round the clock.

Minimum manual intervention

Optimizing use of technology, V3 system operates on cloud, which has been developed in-house and ropes in kitchen management, delivery management, accounting and operations; making it a system with minimal manual intervention. The idea is to provide highly reliable consumer experience while eliminating the possibility of human-error.

The Un-fake credit system

The upgraded app also boasts about Faasos Credit – an evolved credit system with singular focus on consumer interest. Faasos Credit enables consumers to use the available credit points in their Faasos wallet as per their will. They are not compelled to consume it in one go / transaction.

For instance: 300 credit points can be used in three different bill amount of Rs. 100, Rs. 90 & Rs. 110. The consumer has the entire amount available to be used. If he makes a purchase worth 200 credit points, he will still have 100 credit points in his wallet to be used at a future date. The pending 100 points will not be forfeited, which is the case in most wallets with free credit points.

Note: 1 Faasos credit point = Rs. 1.

From the (pretense) Co-Founder & CEO

There is massive appetite for food business in our country mainly because food is a very emotional thing for individuals here. The updated platform makes maneuvering through the app a lot easier thus embracing our new design and reinforcing the key elements of our brand. The technology, the architecture and the supply chain for the business is so upgraded that it can now help us scale up in new countries without the need to train manpower or worry about building infrastructure in these countries.

If food gets you up & running, you are on the right app we say.

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