Faasos Elite – The new age Loyalty Program

Do you ogle every time you see a Faasos signage? Do you think about flicking a teekha chaska every time your friend / colleague order a Faasos meal? Does swig give you wings to fly with happiness? Then it is safe to say your loyalty has been proved and it is time we prove ours.

Faasos is always innovating and the latest development is launch of Faasos Elite, an exceptional loyalty program with some drool-worthy privileges.

Faasos Elite is designed to extend indulgences to customers who have stayed with Faasos over the years and experienced the brand flourish. Or In the typical Faasos lingo: It is just a small gesture to say thank you and giving back the immense happiness that you as a consumer have given over the years!

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Meet the Elites

Buy Now, Pay Later

For those wary of making a payment after every transaction and want to get rid of the mundane task and focus more on the food, Buy now pay later is an addiction. The entire process of entering card details – card number, cvv, expiry etcetera is so tedious; one is almost tempted to give up on the order. Opting for COD comes with its own set of wearisome requirements.

Enter, Faasos Elite. Each Elite customer enjoys distinctive privilege to pay later. Skip the dreaded process of making payment after every order by opting for lump sum payment at the end of every 15 days. Yes that’s 15 days of credit, really old school!

Prioritized Deliveries 

Another perk of being a part of the Elite Squad is that you get the world on the platter, no fuss or questions. The order placed by an Elite is given highest priority which includes getting priority on delivery before all the existing queued-up deliveries.

Being a part of Faasos Elite is thus a way to ensure receiving your food in a blink of an eye.

New products sneak Peek

What’s more, Faasos Elite also gives a chance (to all Elites) to bite into products which are in beta phase and share your feedback on whether the product has earned the right to be on the Faasos menu. Faasos stellar team works around the clock to ensure the menu is consumer friendly and reflects exactly what you want to see. So sit back and revel in the stardom.

Feels exclusive already? There is more…

Complaint Resolution

We at Faasos have a clear vision on the need to synchronize our thought process with that of our customers and the same is reflected at all service points. We are committed to delivering 7 star consumer experience and are known for setting an exemplary track record in addressing consumer grievances. Faasos team works tirelessly to create unforgettable memories for consumers to keep them coming back.

Multiply that by 5 and that’s what you get if you are a Faasos Elite.

Special Surprises

All this comes with a dash of smaller surprises. As a part of the Elite Squad, be assured you will recieve a little something here and there (read: Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.) to make your day remarkable.

We believe that Faasos has played transformational role in disrupting the food-tech market in the country, thanks to millions of customers who have helped shaping-up this remarkable journey. It is our responsibility now to continue contributing to this eco-system. Faasos Elite is a step in that direction. Faasos Elite is here to recognize and appreciate you as a consumer and are grateful to you for being a part of Faasos journey.

Well, if you are not Elite, it’s still not too late. We welcome everyone with arms wide open.


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