What India feasts on Holi!

Welcome to our theatre. Ah, well the world’s a stage and all that jazz can be saved for some other times when the leaves and souls are old. For now, both are looking a shade of rainbow! Yes, it’s almost Holi and our hearts are full of happy colours.  

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For those of you who don’t know what Holi is: It’s the festival of colours. It’s a festival to celebrate the onset of spring and the fading away of winter, which is symbolized by the many colours that the festival accompanies. But then again, Holi is happily wasting your white clothes for love and togetherness. Holi is the permission to drink bhang that one day. Holi is sleeping with colour in your hair but colourful dream in your eyes. After Diwali, Holi is the happiest festival.  

Still can’t visualize? Well, think of it as la tomatina but without the wastage of tomatoes, and with colours. Being a traditional festival, it comes with its fair share of facts and history, but that’s not what we are going to talk about here today. Because? Wikipedia exists! What we are really going to tell you today is about an array of traditional sweets that India celebrates Holi with; sweets without which this festival is incomplete: some of them are boozy, and you have been warned. But before that, here’s a sneek peak at our handpicked collection this holi!

And now to 5 most quintessential sweettreats that define this colourful festival we all so love!


Thandai: Oh you cannot have Holi without thandai. Thandai is to Holi what Rumcake is to christmas. It’s quintessential! A sweet drink that’s prepared with milk and rich dry fruits, the surprise element or elements in this heavy heady mix of liquid sweet come in the form of fennel which cuts through the flavour with its Anise-y undertones, cardamom which lends richness, saffron which lends flavours and colour and pepper that cleanses your palate- making it absolutely addictive. Oh well, this is the clean version! 

Also, if you are lactose intolerant, try this amazing dairy free version too!



Double Ka Meetha: From the city of charminar comes this charming dessert: Double ka meetha which is a bread pudding made with fried bread slices soaked in hot spiced milk. Typical to Hyderabad, Telangana, Double Ka Meetha is generally served at special occasions and you could tell by its smell that it’s one heaven of a dessert



Malpua: Coming all the way from Rajasthan, this Indian pancake soaked in saffron-sugar syrup simply captivates you by the tastebuds. There is a dry version and a wet version; there is also a version which has khoya or dried milk solids in it and the other which has coconut stuffing. Tell you what? Everybit, every variety is delicious.

Bhaang: Surely we saved the best for last. Bhaang is an intoxicating sweet drink which is mostly made with cannabis leaf paste & milk, but recipes with poppy seeds and watermelon seeds are also known to exist. Typically, bhaang is made to a fine paste along with dry fruits and is mixed with milk and sugar in an urn. The trick is to place a copper coin in the bottom.

But then if this is way too heavy for you, our chocolate fantasy with a dollop of cream and whiskey wouldn’t be a bad way celebrate this fest of flavours and colors. Did you try our chocolate fantasy yet? They say it’s got all the punch of being a modern tradition.

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