More than four in ten employees quit because of their boss. At Faasos, you don’t need to.

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask – Jim Morrison

What if we (read Faasos) told you, you do not need to put on a mask and are allowed to be free-spirited and explore/pursue your passions while working with us?

Do not get judgmental already. Read on!

If you think about Faasos, the yellow and mauve (now black & white) immediately flashes in front of your eyes. One would still associate Faasos with one of the first few brands to introduce ‘Quirk’ into the food segment. The legacy continues.

Faasos has extended some of that quirkiness to its workplace. There are quite a lot of ‘firsts’ that we stand for. Here is a tale of two individuals who work with Faasos and love doing so. They stand testimony to the elbowroom that Faasos gives to all its employees to explore their individuality and depth beyond workspace.

Vishal eotm

Vishal Talawadekar

Age: 22

Identification: Communication Designer



Vishal, aged 22, has a burning passion for photography and is constantly striving to capture the essence of everything around him. At Faasos, he is the go-to guy for food designing and shoots. He was approached by Koncept Wings, Dubai for a month-long photography project where his job was to capture renowned brands like Aldo, Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West etcetera. With a black box in his hand and sparkle in his eyes, he had all the motivation he needed to get out of his shell and live his dream.

“Obviously this (Koncept Wings) was something I had never done before. But that’s what you do about things you are passionate about. You take yourself out of the comfort zone and put yourself in front of challenges. Challenge your skills with no one but yourself. It was a great opportunity with a lot of value addition to my portfolio. I will always be thankful to Faasos for accommodating my request and helping me take a step towards achieving my dream”, says Vishal, Communication Designer, Faasos.

Faasos being Faasos supported him to the fullest and granted him the opportunity to live this dream.

A look at some of his work.


rukmini eotm

Rukmini Roy

Age: 30

Identification: Community Manager – Marketing




Rukmini Roy, an avant-garde home décor influencer, is known for her blog Trumatter in the social world. Her role at Faasos is in line with her passion – Social media expert. With a strong pull towards home-décor, she had an inclination to enter Décor Influencer Awards (IDIA) to showcase her work on a renowned platform. Indian Décor Influencers Awards is an annual event where the judges look at décor influencers and judge basis a few criteria.

She started her blog in 2009 and went on to win the coveted title of Decor Influencer of the Year and Decor Blogger of the year among 357 bloggers who were nominated throughout India. The bloggers were judged and ranked by the Sneha Ullal Goel, Managing Editor of Elle Decor, Ashish Goel, founder of popular decor company Urban Ladder and an ace marketer Anaagh Desai.

Apart from winning the two awards, she was also the first runner up in 5 categories namely Facebook decorista, Womens decor blog, decor instagrammer of the year, rising star and innovative decor blogger of the year.

“I was ever so grateful to Faasos for granting me a month long leave to pursue my calling. These actions make you believe that good people are running the company. This is what acts like a glue between employees and employers. It’s all about Moral Fiber”, says Rukmini Roy, Community Manager – Marketing, Faasos.

Link to her blog:

This is a sneak-peak into Faasos culture. If you want to be a part of the Faasos Family, do not wait for your friends or former colleagues to refer you. Just get in touch with us here Careers.


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