An EMAIL from the Co-Founder

Jaideep CEO

Faasos App, Deconstructed

First of all, thank you very much for opening this email and starting to read. Well, let’s face it. An email from the CEO of Faasos is not the same thing as one from, let’s say, the Nobel committee, your secret admirer, or your childhood hero. So, thanks, really!!

I wanted to reach out to you to share an exciting development on the Faasos App. From today, you will see three tabs / services when you open the app:

FT Header (1)

Classic Faasos: This is where you will get the ever expanding range of best selling Faasos products – from wraps, to biryanis, to rice feasts, great Indian meals, all day breakfasts, Chai and snacks, desserts and many more.

Local Favourites: To give you even more variety with quality, here we have curated best dishes from local restaurants, chefs, caterers, delivered to you with typical Faasos delivery efficiency. If a dish is on Faasos, it will be good. And it will come quickly, as Faasos will deliver it.

Made to order:  Whenever you are throwing a party – at home, in office – to celebrate or forget something, you tap on the “made to order” button on our app and put your requirements. We will take care of everything and organize the food.

Why are we introducing these services? Good question! Because, we are constantly trying to create offerings that will give you, our customers, freedom from your kitchen. We want to make you relaxed about breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, salads, desserts, throwing a party, eating alone, maid not turning up, mom away, kids hungry, in-laws invading etc etc. – by giving you an answer to that quintessential question “AAJ KHANE ME KYA HAI” ( what’s for food ), whatever be the situation.

Do try these services out. I will love to hear what you think of them.  It will help us get better at freeing you from your kitchen.

P.s. Thank you very much for reading the whole thing. No one ever read anything I wrote since those mind numbing essays in school. So, thanks, really!!

– Jaydeep Barman, Co-Founder & CEO, Faasos

3 thoughts on “An EMAIL from the Co-Founder

  1. Harmeet

    Hi Jaydeep,
    I wanted to share my terrible experience with Faasos couple of days back (17 May). Cannot find any link / e-mail for feedback on your site – hence using this channel.
    Briefly – order no 1148182 placed on Fassos Malad West via phone at 8:54 pm for Masala Paneer Tikka and Masala Potato wraps – received delivery at 9:45 pm after multiple follow-ups – while eating realized that Masala Potato wrap is some non-veg wrap with egg and chicken – called Fassos again around 10 pm – terrible attitude from ‘Javed’ in your call-centre – was told that Malad store owner will call me before 10:15 pm – still waiting for the call.
    I have photos of the bill, your delivery packets and the non-veg wrap – can e-mail you the same if required.
    Reading your above e-mail – feels that you care for customers – wanted to see if and how Fassos will respond to my complaint.


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