How India watches cricket?

Taking inspiration from Faasos’ belief – being everybody’s personal kitchen (building over Aaj Khane Mein Kya Hai?); we crafted a highly responsive campaign during World T20 – #FaasosCheer. Cricket is considered a religion in India and with #FaasosCheer we created a digital eco-system which enabled consumers to live their religion. Consumers can vouch for the team they were supporting during World T20 while indulging in their favorite food through Faasos. Consenting users had to order on the day of the match using the coupon code of the team they support and win Cashbacks.

The campaign was run for 14 days on all social platforms

Here are some quick findings that we can across during the campaign.

Who people cheered for? 






Support we received



Leader board



Extending the campaign beyond:

Since the striking campaign has witnessed tremendous buzz over such a short period of time – both on social & business growth-wise, we plan to extend it to the next cricket season also.

For more details visit:


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