Take a break from breakfast

You thought “oh, it’s just breakfast” but let us tell you there are multiple factors that decide what breakfast is going to be put today, on that table, in front of those severely critical people who wouldn’t think twice to put that plate down and settle for something unhealthy outside. You wouldn’t know but it’s a constant struggle to win this breakfast war.

At any point of time, in any given condition, these do the brownian dance in the cook’s head:

  1. Mondays are bad days and the breakfast better be interesting
  2. The breads getting stale, they are going to go bad…must use them up, but how?
  3. They want egg and bread but not the same everyday. Then what?
  4. Too oily is a no no, bland is a no no, veggies are no no
  5. Should make something healthy, but they won’t touch it
  6. Milk is important, but we know it’s not going to go down the throat.
  7. God, I wish I could stop thinking and sleep in- just for today

We at Faasos, empathize with Calendars because we’ve been Calendars all our life. With every sizzle of that perfectly fried egg, went away just a tiny bit of our sleep, life and freedom in general. The voices in our head wouldn’t stop talking and the voices near us wouldn’t stop complaining either.

Enter Faasos Breakfast- a delicious antidote to that scary condition called WTCBS or “What to cook for breakfast syndrome”

Plump, broiled chicken sausages, fresh egg omelettes, soft bread rolls which we very fondly call “pav”, piping hot aloo paratha, juicy chicken meatballs, fresh cold kesar muselli, steamed Idli & gunpowder chutney- Oh, we’ve made sure that we have it all. To save you time and let you relish your mornings, we’ve carefully made whole hearted healthy combos that fulfills the school goer or the office goers daily nutrition (a side of protein + a dose of carb and a fill of fiber) while masking it all in a garb of deliciousness.

Then again, we did not want to restrict you with our combos only. In the Faasos App, you can now make your own combo- just pick and choose from our breakfast menu what you’d like to order for and there you are! One of the main reasons why we kept the combo option open is it lets you do the permutation combination and present all new breakfasts every morning. Oh, you need to trick those tricky tastebuds once in awhile: you’d know!
So save yourself from a gastronomic schizophrenia and arm yourself with our app instead. First look is here. Alternatively you can visit our website and order in too! Trust us, you’ll thank us later.



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