The curious case of Odd-Even orders

What are the odds that a copy boy {not from the Mark Knopfler song} will once chance upon a crucial aspect of user behavior that will change the history of Faasos in Delhi? Surely, none. But what happened was clearly unexpected. As we approach the realm of the supernatural {yes, sun-sunny and all that} to understand the true reason for such a shift, considering our ace data boys have failed to explain the same, here’s to you a cathartic account of how this oddity started.

On a sunny morning in Delhi, our delivery boys opened our kitchens, expecting a day just like any other. But tell you what? This was not an ordinary day. This was a day that will later determine our entire Delhi strategy. According to Vikas Rai, one of our store boys in NCR, “Subeh se hi Paneer Pasanda, Dal Makhani aur Paneer biryani ka order aa raha tha. Samajh mein nahi aya kya hua. Shaam tak jab sirf yehi teen cheez repeat hua, humlog manager ko bola” They were clearly not expecting an outpour of over 1200 orders only for our paneer pasanda meals, dal makhani meals and biryanis – all veg variants. It was an odd day! Literally.

Thinking of it as a mere and funny fluke, we slept over it, ga ga over the popularity of our veg meals and looked forward to a surge the next day. To our surprise – and a familiar whiplash was felt deep within our intestines – when we received the report that from morning 9:30 A.M  to night 11:00 P.M that all we served in Delhi, on that particular day, was Chicken Rogan Josh meals, Non-veg sliders and executive Chicken Biryanis. Of course, the manager(s) called us this time to ask if it there was some promotional activity going on, to which we had no answers. We closed a 5 hour meeting weighing possibilities and closed in on “let’s watch the week”

But was this happening in Gurgaon? And neighbouring places?

Nope! No signs of an apocalyptic mass food deciding syndrome. When we spoke to a fellow ex-army man who also happens to be one of our well wishers, he said it’s definitely a “saazish” from an enemy country, and they are testing the virus from the capital. Virus? Mr. Ramnath, a pious man suggested that it’s all the doings of God who now wants to ban eating non-veg with this strange disease. The only valid explanation that we got by far is from Bae-Jaan paniwala who suggested that it might be the alignment of Mercury and Pluto directly over Delhi.

But why is this happening?

God knows what affected the entire Delhi populace to collectively decide the days they’d like to eat vegetarian and days when they’d like to binge on some real protein {know what we mean?} We tried to establish a connection. Find a relation to this mass decision of self control and binge but in vain. Days on we witnessed a strange anomaly and so much so that the anomaly turned into routine. A historian we spoke to recently finds its cause back to the Roman age where food was rationed. It’s probably only normal for the slaved genes to resurface. But why Delhi?

Considering this trend started from April 15, we are assuming on odd days our paneer pasanda meals, Daal makhani meals and veg biryanis are Delhi’s preferred choice of food while Chicken Roghan Josh meals, non-veg sliders and Chicken Biryanis are what’s tingling their tastebuds on days that are numerically even.

Optimus Prime, Save us

To spook things out further, we are seeing an abnormal rise of chocolate fantasy on days that are numerically prime. You know..numbers that can be divided by themselves and 1 alone? Maybe because they don’t want to really share (read: divide) the desserts between anyone but them alone! Keep watching this space for more ; for all we know we may find that Swig becomes the default choice during Dry Days !


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