Letter from Customer

Theater CENTER STAGE creative (1)

Ola Senors/Senoritas,

I have fallen in love.
Just like you, I am not a good writer πŸ˜›, so apologies for the boring but exciting love story you have to read now.
After getting my car insurance renewed and driving in the maniac Saturday traffic, my fiance (another love story) and I ended at JP nagar, starving. When we were still deciding where to eat, we saw Faasos. The words “Wrap on the run” caught our attention and we entered the place. We took forever to decide our orders because of the mouthwatering menu. Thanks to the cashier for not rushing us. When he asked me if we wanted wheat or maida, I knew we had come to the right place. Finally, we placed the order and we sat and admired the thoughtful hilarious painting on the wall.
We very causally asked the person in-charge (unless it’s a complaint πŸ™ƒ) if they delivered. He asked us where we lived and said the Banashankari branch would deliver to our place. He asked us to download the app and so we did, and gosh, were we happy looking at the menu again.. of course, we were.
We got our 3 rolls, and we couldn’t wait to dig in. But wait, we had to say our prayers. πŸ™‚
Ok, it took us a minute to say grace and we took our first bite…. and we fell in love. The flavours, the creamy cheese, the filling, melted in our mouths. Then, I saw this little packet which said “Teekha Chaska”; I opened it only to feel overjoyed with its look, its smell and its taste. I even carried two packets home 😝
We absolutely enjoyed our meal so much that we couldn’t walk back to the car.
After driving back in the maniac traffic again, I obviously didn’t want to make dinner. Then, the light bulb struck.. so, we open the app and read all the clever and funny one-liners. We order our dinner and wait happily. Within minutes, Manju (according to True Caller), calls us and comes with our food. We live on the third floor, so we went down to collect it. Manju was so wonderful, he asked us questions to understand our location better as we were first time customers. He offered to come up and deliver so that we don’t have to go down (We are happy going down). He said he would be glad to deliver anytime we order and actually turned his bike off to talk to us. Isn’t that great customer service? I know it is.
We come up and we are delighted. We get a complimentary dessert and guess what!!! I get one big packet of “Teekha Chaska”. We spent our time rolling on the floor laughing and reading the one-liners. Each one-liner is hilarious and amusing and thoroughly wicked in the comic sense.
We love the food, the service, the humour.. we are kicking ourselves in the backside for not knowing you earlier. Not to worry, we will compensate for the lost time.
Thank you for everything!!
And yeah, we would love to be the guinea pigs for your future food trials.
Another Love Story
(Sahitya and Sandesh)

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