Consistent Excellence is what it takes to be included in our “Finest”

The food world is a different world altogether! Believe it or not, it thrives on consistent excellence or doesn’t thrive at all. The thin line that differentiates a food joint that’s going to make it and one which is not going to, rests on how consistently can a brand recreate one of its specialties. And, you might like to know that it takes years to build trust and reputation which will later go on to make a restaurant not just a place to eat but a culinary legend. Faasos Finest are those products that have survived the test of time; survived the ever evolving taste buds of the most demanding customers, and having consistently done so has earned a reputation that lives up to the word “Finest”

We’re happy to open doors to one of the most awaited & curated list of the year on our app: Faasos Finest. A dish may come and go but these dishes will stay forever! Here is a snapshot of the yummiez that made it to the list. Go through it after which we will tell you what cuts it to being “Finest” so you know when you order from “Faasos Finest” list you are being pampered with nothing but the best!

In pursuit of Finest

So what makes finest, finest? Well, to start off with “repeated ratings”. When order’s done, our app prods our customer to rate a product so we know what’s working and what’s not- and it helps us in forming a better understanding of the food we are serving. “Finest” are those products who receive a 5 on a scale of 5, continuously and over months & years. If you work in a food tech sector, you’d know how challenging it is for a dish to demand a full 5 every time. Go a line on the other side of that perfect balance and the scenario quickly gets to being unforgiving. Thanks to our chef and line boys who toil endlessly to come up with that perfect balance all the time, which goes onto get a 5. This being judging parameter 1!

Our second judging point is the number of orders. Some of our classics form a major chunk of our daily orders- and consistently at that. These food rockstars are jotted down for further evaluation

Our third and most important point to consider is customer satisfaction. Repeated orders prove that our customers not only like the taste but are also somehow loyal to a particular product. We bring in these products that have garnered much trust and tally it with the number of ratings and the number of times it has been mentioned on media platforms {yeah, geocodes} to evaluate the best amongst best.

Clearly, every bite feels like a privilege.

The Ace List

By far, we’ve included 20 products that have stood the taste test, consistently! Hover around on each image (above) to see what it is so you can order in when you want to serve good food, blindly! We assure you, there has never been and will never be a compromise on taste.

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