From Diaries: 3 great cocktails you can make with Faasos Swig

Now, those of you know Faasos from its start, you’d know how Swig debuted one day in our humble life and quickly became the rockstar of Faasos. Made in-house, and available in 2 very desi flavours- Jeera Masala & Green apple- swig was swug {read chugged} with every order and by far remains as one of our best selling crop. Ah, come on! You all know about Swig now, don’t you? But hear hear: do you know our Swig is also the perfect mixer for some great summer cocktails?

Because the Sun’s high and the sweltering heat is getting us low, we thought of pulling out our carefully-kept-away recipe book and share with you all these 3 summer cocktails that you can make with Swig. Ah, you know, in our hay days, we used to be experimental and active enough to serve the house, and can we tell you that they taste amazing.

Steve in a Glass

We are very cryptic. We enjoy puns and sarcasms and layered conversations with a good glass of cocktail {yes, yes, transferred epithet into play} So when we came up with this amazing cocktail with our Green Apple swig, we thought of calling it Apple Bomb. Ofcourse, you can now get the correlation! I-people might just guess the ingredient right from the name!

Recipe For Steve In A Glass

1 ½ oz Mandarin Vodka {Or any citrus vodka}

½ oz peach schnapps

Faasos Green Apple Swig

Crushed Ice

Fill a glass with crushed ice, add mandarin vodka and peach schapps. Top it with Faasos Swig Green Apple. Serve.

Steve in a glass (1)

Spice Punch

This recipe is one of our absolute favourite. Tangy, with a fresh burst of flavour and so very refreshing, our spice punch has been the life of our in house parties. Believe us you, this cocktail can make the most tired soul fly.

Recipe For Spice Punch

1¼ oz vodka

12 oz Faasos Jeera Masala Swig

1 lemon, juiced


Pour Ice in a glass, top with vodka, add Faasos Swig Jeera Masala and add lemon juice. Stir and serve.

Spice Punch

Intense Summer Cocktail

This brewed in one of our late night rendezvous- much like how Faasos came into being. A little heady on the Indian spices with green mangoes and mint, but we like it as is, specially in the summers!

Intense Summer Cocktail

Fresh mint: 20-30

Raw Mango, crush: 4 tbsp

Faasos Jeera Masala: 2 cups

Lemon: seeded and sliced

Rock Salt

Cruched Ice

In a glass muddle some mint and lemon slice. Add mango crush and rock salt to it. Add crushed ice and top it with Faasos Swig Jeera Masala. Stir and serve chilled.

Intense Summer Cocktail

P.S: if you have tried our swig as a mixer, come and let us know.  We’ll be happy to share it on our blog.

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