Faasos Royal of the Week – May 08 – 14, 2016

May 08 – 14, 2016

Faasos Royals happens when Loyalty meets Royalty.

The thought is simple: to celebrate loyalty and gift them some royalty. You have ordered a particular product for ‘x’ (where x is definitely more than 20:) ) number of times. So, we believe you own this product as much as we do. Hence, we are naming the product after you for next seven days.

That was about loyalty to Faasos and we thank you for that. Now what about Royalty? That is pretty simple too. Every time some one buys this product, we put Rs. 1 in your credit on the Faasos app. So, if this gets sold  300 times, you get Rs. 300 in you Faasos wallet.

So do spread the message, especially to friends who owe you money:)

Our Royal for May 08 – 14 is Manibabu and we look forward to serving his Roti, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani meal with a smile.


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