#FoodDiaries- A d(Elite)ful evening with Faasos Elite

You’d believe in the maxim good begets good right? Well, we’ll just change it a bit and make it food begets good. On Saturday 9th April, we partied with our Elites and unveiled our upcoming menu over a drink & serve or two under the star studded summer sky in Athena Banquets, and we’ve come home with so much good to implement that we are D(elite)d! We were talking away food like there is no tomorrow. A promise fulfilled, a milestone achieved and we came back with opinions and hope for more such events – an aspiration that stems out of love for good food.

#FoodDiaries: A quick snapshot

Elite are our loyal customers who have stood by us and have actively helped us better the brand with their love, constructive criticism and feedbacks. When we started Faasos Elite, we promised exciting food-catchups where we unveil our new menu and Elites are given the opportunity to decide whether it is worth going on our app / web. Thus #FoodDiaries was born.

Here’s what we unveiled at FoodDiaries:



While we talk about the great starts and firsts, we also had a few forevers at the meet!

The group of students:

We were humbled to meet a group of college students who had brought a video with them from their 20 college mates telling us how big Faasos fans they were! (as we had a limitation of +1, they could only bring 3 of their friends). These instances highlight the fact that there are individuals who really believe in the brand. This belief urges us to serve not just fabulous food but a seven star experience.


The youngest critique: We also had the privilege to meet one of our youngest customers who also happens to be a Faasos loyalist. She is a girl of 8. Along with her parents (All 3 Elites), the family had traveled all the way from Bandra to spend an evening with us! Bonding over food is the best kind of bond there ever is.


Elite, loyal and how: Oh and not to forget, one of our most ardent fan rushed in from Dadar and told us how she has colonized an entire family to have Faasos! A wrap loyal {and she’s been having only wraps} she says she has been having Faasos since the beginning of time.


So much to Takeaway: The pleasure is all ours

When the much awaited meet was over, we returned home with a void in our hearts and a longing to do it all over again. What a bittersweet feeling!  However, this was not without incredible insight and invaluable feedback that we promise to work upon.

For now, we have a whole of unlearning, learning and relearning to do and we’ll leave you here with a few more wonderful images from the evening. Till another #FoodDiaries in another city.

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