8 Irresistible Biryanis that you absolutely must know about

Biryani. From busy “order in” weeknights to lavish Sunday meals that’s prepared with meticulousness- Biryani has carved a spot in Indian palate like no other. Often than not, we find ourselves turning to Biryani- yes, on countless occasions and mood so it should come as no surprise that India offers 17 major variations of Biryani!

In this post, we will look into 8 best biryanis in India and their differentiating factors or ingredients:

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani – Hyderabad


One of the most popular, Hyderabadi Biryani stands out with its usage of saffron and coconut. While other biryanis showcase a dominance of marinated mutton, Hyderabadi biryani aces it with its layers of saffron rice. The biryani is slow cooked in layers and is served with brinjal or eggplant gravy.  

Sindhi Biryani – Sindh


A type that originated in Sindh province- which is now in Pakistan- Sindhi Biryani is noted for its generous use of spice and curd. Kewra or mithaittr is a dominant factor that sets this biryani apart. Some also use potatoes and prunes in it.

Dindigul Ginger Biryani- Tamil Nadu


On our way to kodaikanal we stopped at a place for lunch and settled for something called Dindigul Biryani. We had no clue what it was but we trusted biryani so we called for it. To our surprise, it’s very unlike biryani and more like a good fried chicken rice with cube size meat pieces and a whole lot of pepper. What stands out is the jeera samba rice that this biryani uses as opposed to Basmati, which gives it an entirely new flavour.  

Malabar Biryani – Kerala


Famous in Kozhikode, Thalassery and Malappuram, this Biryani is characterized by the unique variety of rice called khyma rice, and uses cashew nuts and raisins. The key difference though is in the method of preparation: the mutton gravy and the rice are cooked separately and are mixed well at the time of serving.

Lucknowi Biryani – Lucknow


Now this is what a real Biryani would look like. Unadulterated Persian cooking made with the use of a completely different method called dumpakht. Keeping with the norms, the meat and gravy are partially cooked and then layered to cook fully. The vessel is sealed and is left to cook in its own steam.

Kolkata Biryani – Kolkata


Now, this biryani has its roots in the Nawabi style of Lucknow Biryani. It is said that the chefs from the Awadhi kitchens brought the signature recipe to kolkata which later suffered a small tweak. You’ll find boiled potatoes and boiled egg along with mutton or chicken in this Biryani in Kolkata. Noted spices like nutmeg, saffron and kewra give this Biryani its signature taste and flavor.

Bhatkali Biryani- Coastal Karnataka


Now who would’ve thunk! Low on spice, with just the right amount of flavor Bhatkali Biryani originated from the Nawayath Muslim community in Bhatkal. This biryani is noted for its use of onions and green chilli. Additionally, in Bhatkali Biryani the meat pieces are first cooked in curd to balance the flavors out.

Faasos Biryani:

executive chicken biryani

Fragrant and low on spices, our biryani follows the Dum  Pakht method of the Awadhi style. Long grain, basmati rice is cooked in large handis with layered meat and is put to “Dum” with a generous sprinkling of fried onions. We serve it with raita and crunchy, fresh onions. What really makes it stand is its availability pan India and its quality to walk up from the kitchen and come right to your table without you having to move a bit!

By the way did you know the word Biryani actually derived from Persian language which was the official language of medieval India? Researchers believe that Biryani is derived from the word “Biryan” which means to fry or roast or from “Birinj” which is the Persian word for rice.

Food for thought!


Consistent Excellence is what it takes to be included in our “Finest”

The food world is a different world altogether! Believe it or not, it thrives on consistent excellence or doesn’t thrive at all. The thin line that differentiates a food joint that’s going to make it and one which is not going to, rests on how consistently can a brand recreate one of its specialties. And, you might like to know that it takes years to build trust and reputation which will later go on to make a restaurant not just a place to eat but a culinary legend. Faasos Finest are those products that have survived the test of time; survived the ever evolving taste buds of the most demanding customers, and having consistently done so has earned a reputation that lives up to the word “Finest”

We’re happy to open doors to one of the most awaited & curated list of the year on our app: Faasos Finest. A dish may come and go but these dishes will stay forever! Here is a snapshot of the yummiez that made it to the list. Go through it after which we will tell you what cuts it to being “Finest” so you know when you order from “Faasos Finest” list you are being pampered with nothing but the best!

In pursuit of Finest

So what makes finest, finest? Well, to start off with “repeated ratings”. When order’s done, our app prods our customer to rate a product so we know what’s working and what’s not- and it helps us in forming a better understanding of the food we are serving. “Finest” are those products who receive a 5 on a scale of 5, continuously and over months & years. If you work in a food tech sector, you’d know how challenging it is for a dish to demand a full 5 every time. Go a line on the other side of that perfect balance and the scenario quickly gets to being unforgiving. Thanks to our chef and line boys who toil endlessly to come up with that perfect balance all the time, which goes onto get a 5. This being judging parameter 1!

Our second judging point is the number of orders. Some of our classics form a major chunk of our daily orders- and consistently at that. These food rockstars are jotted down for further evaluation

Our third and most important point to consider is customer satisfaction. Repeated orders prove that our customers not only like the taste but are also somehow loyal to a particular product. We bring in these products that have garnered much trust and tally it with the number of ratings and the number of times it has been mentioned on media platforms {yeah, geocodes} to evaluate the best amongst best.

Clearly, every bite feels like a privilege.

The Ace List

By far, we’ve included 20 products that have stood the taste test, consistently! Hover around on each image (above) to see what it is so you can order in when you want to serve good food, blindly! We assure you, there has never been and will never be a compromise on taste.

Faasos Royal of the Week – April 24 – 30, 2016

April 24 – 30, 2016

Faasos Royals happens when Loyalty meets Royalty.

The thought is simple: to celebrate loyalty and gift them some royalty. You have ordered a particular product for ‘x’ (where x is definitely more than 20:) ) number of times. So, we believe you own this product as much as we do. Hence, we are naming the product after you for next seven days.

That was about loyalty to Faasos and we thank you for that. Now what about Royalty? That is pretty simple too. Every time some one buys this product, we put Rs. 1 in your credit on the Faasos app. So, if this gets sold  300 times, you get Rs. 300 in you Faasos wallet.

So do spread the message, especially to friends who owe you money:)

Our Royal for April 24 – 30 is Aman and we look forward to serving his Dal Makhani Chole Kulcha Combo with a smile.

aman`s combo

For queries, write to us at elite@faasos.com

Letter from Customer

Theater CENTER STAGE creative (1)

Ola Senors/Senoritas,

I have fallen in love.
Just like you, I am not a good writer 😛, so apologies for the boring but exciting love story you have to read now.
After getting my car insurance renewed and driving in the maniac Saturday traffic, my fiance (another love story) and I ended at JP nagar, starving. When we were still deciding where to eat, we saw Faasos. The words “Wrap on the run” caught our attention and we entered the place. We took forever to decide our orders because of the mouthwatering menu. Thanks to the cashier for not rushing us. When he asked me if we wanted wheat or maida, I knew we had come to the right place. Finally, we placed the order and we sat and admired the thoughtful hilarious painting on the wall.
We very causally asked the person in-charge (unless it’s a complaint 🙃) if they delivered. He asked us where we lived and said the Banashankari branch would deliver to our place. He asked us to download the app and so we did, and gosh, were we happy looking at the menu again.. of course, we were.
We got our 3 rolls, and we couldn’t wait to dig in. But wait, we had to say our prayers. 🙂
Ok, it took us a minute to say grace and we took our first bite…. and we fell in love. The flavours, the creamy cheese, the filling, melted in our mouths. Then, I saw this little packet which said “Teekha Chaska”; I opened it only to feel overjoyed with its look, its smell and its taste. I even carried two packets home 😝
We absolutely enjoyed our meal so much that we couldn’t walk back to the car.
After driving back in the maniac traffic again, I obviously didn’t want to make dinner. Then, the light bulb struck.. so, we open the app and read all the clever and funny one-liners. We order our dinner and wait happily. Within minutes, Manju (according to True Caller), calls us and comes with our food. We live on the third floor, so we went down to collect it. Manju was so wonderful, he asked us questions to understand our location better as we were first time customers. He offered to come up and deliver so that we don’t have to go down (We are happy going down). He said he would be glad to deliver anytime we order and actually turned his bike off to talk to us. Isn’t that great customer service? I know it is.
We come up and we are delighted. We get a complimentary dessert and guess what!!! I get one big packet of “Teekha Chaska”. We spent our time rolling on the floor laughing and reading the one-liners. Each one-liner is hilarious and amusing and thoroughly wicked in the comic sense.
We love the food, the service, the humour.. we are kicking ourselves in the backside for not knowing you earlier. Not to worry, we will compensate for the lost time.
Thank you for everything!!
And yeah, we would love to be the guinea pigs for your future food trials.
Another Love Story
(Sahitya and Sandesh)

The curious case of Odd-Even orders

What are the odds that a copy boy {not from the Mark Knopfler song} will once chance upon a crucial aspect of user behavior that will change the history of Faasos in Delhi? Surely, none. But what happened was clearly unexpected. As we approach the realm of the supernatural {yes, sun-sunny and all that} to understand the true reason for such a shift, considering our ace data boys have failed to explain the same, here’s to you a cathartic account of how this oddity started.

On a sunny morning in Delhi, our delivery boys opened our kitchens, expecting a day just like any other. But tell you what? This was not an ordinary day. This was a day that will later determine our entire Delhi strategy. According to Vikas Rai, one of our store boys in NCR, “Subeh se hi Paneer Pasanda, Dal Makhani aur Paneer biryani ka order aa raha tha. Samajh mein nahi aya kya hua. Shaam tak jab sirf yehi teen cheez repeat hua, humlog manager ko bola” They were clearly not expecting an outpour of over 1200 orders only for our paneer pasanda meals, dal makhani meals and biryanis – all veg variants. It was an odd day! Literally.

Thinking of it as a mere and funny fluke, we slept over it, ga ga over the popularity of our veg meals and looked forward to a surge the next day. To our surprise – and a familiar whiplash was felt deep within our intestines – when we received the report that from morning 9:30 A.M  to night 11:00 P.M that all we served in Delhi, on that particular day, was Chicken Rogan Josh meals, Non-veg sliders and executive Chicken Biryanis. Of course, the manager(s) called us this time to ask if it there was some promotional activity going on, to which we had no answers. We closed a 5 hour meeting weighing possibilities and closed in on “let’s watch the week”

But was this happening in Gurgaon? And neighbouring places?

Nope! No signs of an apocalyptic mass food deciding syndrome. When we spoke to a fellow ex-army man who also happens to be one of our well wishers, he said it’s definitely a “saazish” from an enemy country, and they are testing the virus from the capital. Virus? Mr. Ramnath, a pious man suggested that it’s all the doings of God who now wants to ban eating non-veg with this strange disease. The only valid explanation that we got by far is from Bae-Jaan paniwala who suggested that it might be the alignment of Mercury and Pluto directly over Delhi.

But why is this happening?

God knows what affected the entire Delhi populace to collectively decide the days they’d like to eat vegetarian and days when they’d like to binge on some real protein {know what we mean?} We tried to establish a connection. Find a relation to this mass decision of self control and binge but in vain. Days on we witnessed a strange anomaly and so much so that the anomaly turned into routine. A historian we spoke to recently finds its cause back to the Roman age where food was rationed. It’s probably only normal for the slaved genes to resurface. But why Delhi?

Considering this trend started from April 15, we are assuming on odd days our paneer pasanda meals, Daal makhani meals and veg biryanis are Delhi’s preferred choice of food while Chicken Roghan Josh meals, non-veg sliders and Chicken Biryanis are what’s tingling their tastebuds on days that are numerically even.

Optimus Prime, Save us

To spook things out further, we are seeing an abnormal rise of chocolate fantasy on days that are numerically prime. You know..numbers that can be divided by themselves and 1 alone? Maybe because they don’t want to really share (read: divide) the desserts between anyone but them alone! Keep watching this space for more ; for all we know we may find that Swig becomes the default choice during Dry Days !


Is the “Estimated Delivery Time” on the Faasos App a gimmick?

Jaideep CEO

Before we get onto proving that “estimated delivery time” on the Faasos app is actually a piece of technology (one which we are all proud of at Faasos) let us just first establish why we need it at all, in the first place. After all, any innovation that does not result in superior customer experience is pretty useless.

Right from the start of our journey c.a. 2011, “delivery time” and questions like “Kitne time me ayega” has been a concern for both us and the customers. The question “how much time will it take?” has haunted us forever and we don’t think even drone deliveries can help. I’ll tell you why.

Because, there are several issues with such an approach. They are:

  1. Estimating the time to delivery during Order Taking: The representative does not always have an idea about what the customer’s exact location is or what the traffic situation is between store and customer’s location. She also does not have a very accurate idea about how many orders are pending in the kitchen and the approximate time it will take to prepare this particular customer’s order. The answer she gives is actually, at best, a guesstimate without any accuracy!
  2. Post Order Placement: In most cases, after placing the order, the customer goes on with her life. Like she should. But a minute in real world is about 5 minutes in the hungry world and after about 20 odd minutes {which is about 1 hour and 40 minutes in the hungry world} she realises that the food is still not there: surely she is losing her cool! Result: The experience of ordering for food and getting it delivered becomes the most stressful waiting experiences ever.
  3. The people at the outlet are also under tremendous stress. Instead of focusing on incoming orders and ensuring that orders go out beautifully- on time and with right quality- they get busy handling customer queries / calls etc. which has a serious impact on their ability to give great service and product. This by far is the biggest anti-customer aspect of this to-and-fro tele calling in the name of customer service.

So, when we slowly transformed into a primarily app based business, one of our first problems to the tech team was “how can we completely remove all these uncertainties, stress, phone calls and loss of focus on product and service from the Faasos experience?”. The tech team’s ( we seriously think we have the best in the world ) answer was “estimated delivery time” and “tracking against that time”.

By the way, we did weigh in a “Fixed time guarantee”, but we don’t think there is a bigger fraud than that in food business :). Most of the time you, as a customer, are caught unaware by the 15 different T&C – not applicable on x,y,z, not applicable during evening, lunch, weekend (basically whenever you are ordering), not applicable on more that three items (which is when you have guests over and need the order on time) etc etc. So, we said what is the purpose of giving a guarantee that we are not sure of keeping given the massive number of variables?

Anyways, coming back here is what the tech team proposed and delivered. And we, probably the first time in the world, introduced Estimated Delivery Time with 97% accuracy:

  1. When someone orders on Faasos, at the end of the order, the app estimates the delivery time based on:
    • The distance between the delivery address and our fulfilment center where the order will be dispatched from
    • The traffic situation between the two locations
    • The current load at the center ( if you are second in the queue v/s if you are 15th – it makes a difference )
    • The preparation times for each of the individual items that you are ordering
  2. Before you press your final “place order” button, you will actually see this “estimated time” and can decide whether you want to proceed with the order or not. After all, it’s totally up-to you,  the customer, to decide as to what is the maximum amount of time you should wait for your food.Screenshot_2016-04-15-15-25-31
  3. If you decide to go ahead and order, an order tracking appears on your screen and you can see a clock ticking away towards your estimated time. Which means, even if you are not watching the time, intermittently you can check the tracker and see how much time is left before the “Estimated Time” for delivery is lapsed. So, that saves you a phone call and saves the outlet another unnecessary interaction, when they should focus on getting great quality food out of the door as quickly as possible. Also, you get periodic updates on your order such as “Food getting cooked”, “out for delivery” etc. based on where the food is.1 (1)
  4. Right at the stroke of the “Estimated Time”, you get a message asking “ Have you got your order?” 97% of the cases today, we get an affirmative answer, which means for about 3% of the cases we were wrong about the Estimated Time, or something catastrophic may have happened and we got late. If the customer says “no” in answer to that question, a notification immediately goes to our Customer Service Center, who gets on the job of finding out what happened to the order. As soon as the whereabouts of the order is established, the customer gets a call / text back conveying the situation and the revised estimated time (mostly 5-10 more minutes).Orders - track order - done

So, that’s how “Estimated Time” works. It is not a gimmick. It is accurate to the tune of 97%. And it has helped us secure the following as a business:

  • A 4.3 rating on service out of 5 across more than few millions responses
  • A 4* + rating on android play store – probably the only food delivery app in India at this scale ( 2 mn+ downloads )
  • Ranked as one of the most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company* (http://www.fastcompany.com/company/faasos)
  • 87% reduction in support calls and associated costs
  • 100% of our stores now are without a dedicated customer phone rep ( our people are all multitaskers )

Keep watching this space. There are more “world’s first” that have been cracked by the Faasos team. We will unveil those one by one.

Faasos Royal of the Week – April 17- 23, 2016

April 17- 23, 2016

Faasos Royals happens when Loyalty meets Royalty.

The thought is simple: to celebrate loyalty and gift them some royalty. You have ordered a particular product for ‘x’ (where x is definitely more than 20 🙂 ) number of times. So, we believe you own this product as much as we do. Hence, we are naming the product after you for next seven days.

That was about loyalty to Faasos and we thank you for that. Now what about Royalty? That is pretty simple too. Every time some one buys this product, we put Rs. 1 in your credit on the Faasos app. So, if this gets sold  300 times, you get Rs. 300 in you Faasos wallet.

So do spread the message, especially to friends who owe you money:)

Our Royal for April 18 – 24 is Priya and we look forward to serving her Chai for 4 with a smile.

Priya`s chai for 4

For queries, write to us at elite@faasos.com

Take a break from breakfast

You thought “oh, it’s just breakfast” but let us tell you there are multiple factors that decide what breakfast is going to be put today, on that table, in front of those severely critical people who wouldn’t think twice to put that plate down and settle for something unhealthy outside. You wouldn’t know but it’s a constant struggle to win this breakfast war.

At any point of time, in any given condition, these do the brownian dance in the cook’s head:

  1. Mondays are bad days and the breakfast better be interesting
  2. The breads getting stale, they are going to go bad…must use them up, but how?
  3. They want egg and bread but not the same everyday. Then what?
  4. Too oily is a no no, bland is a no no, veggies are no no
  5. Should make something healthy, but they won’t touch it
  6. Milk is important, but we know it’s not going to go down the throat.
  7. God, I wish I could stop thinking and sleep in- just for today

We at Faasos, empathize with Calendars because we’ve been Calendars all our life. With every sizzle of that perfectly fried egg, went away just a tiny bit of our sleep, life and freedom in general. The voices in our head wouldn’t stop talking and the voices near us wouldn’t stop complaining either.

Enter Faasos Breakfast- a delicious antidote to that scary condition called WTCBS or “What to cook for breakfast syndrome”

Plump, broiled chicken sausages, fresh egg omelettes, soft bread rolls which we very fondly call “pav”, piping hot aloo paratha, juicy chicken meatballs, fresh cold kesar muselli, steamed Idli & gunpowder chutney- Oh, we’ve made sure that we have it all. To save you time and let you relish your mornings, we’ve carefully made whole hearted healthy combos that fulfills the school goer or the office goers daily nutrition (a side of protein + a dose of carb and a fill of fiber) while masking it all in a garb of deliciousness.

Then again, we did not want to restrict you with our combos only. In the Faasos App, you can now make your own combo- just pick and choose from our breakfast menu what you’d like to order for and there you are! One of the main reasons why we kept the combo option open is it lets you do the permutation combination and present all new breakfasts every morning. Oh, you need to trick those tricky tastebuds once in awhile: you’d know!
So save yourself from a gastronomic schizophrenia and arm yourself with our app instead. First look is here. Alternatively you can visit our website and order in too! Trust us, you’ll thank us later.



Faasos Royal of the Week – April 10- 16, 2016

April 10- 16, 2016

Faasos Royals happens when Loyalty meets Royalty.

The thought is simple: to celebrate loyalty and gift them some royalty. You have ordered a particular product for ‘x’ (where x is definitely more than 20 🙂 ) number of times. So, we believe you own this product as much as we do. Hence, we are naming the product after you for next seven days.

That was about loyalty to Faasos and we thank you for that. Now what about Royalty? That is pretty simple too. Every time some one buys this product, we put Rs. 1 in your credit on the Faasos app. So, if this gets sold  300 times, you get Rs. 300 in you Faasos wallet.

So do spread the message, especially to friends who owe you money 🙂

Our Royal for April 11 – 17 is Sid Kumar and we look forward to serving his Double Cheese Meatball Wrap with a smile.

faasos elite Customer Speak Sid

For queries, write to us at elite@faasos.com

#FoodDiaries- A d(Elite)ful evening with Faasos Elite

You’d believe in the maxim good begets good right? Well, we’ll just change it a bit and make it food begets good. On Saturday 9th April, we partied with our Elites and unveiled our upcoming menu over a drink & serve or two under the star studded summer sky in Athena Banquets, and we’ve come home with so much good to implement that we are D(elite)d! We were talking away food like there is no tomorrow. A promise fulfilled, a milestone achieved and we came back with opinions and hope for more such events – an aspiration that stems out of love for good food.

#FoodDiaries: A quick snapshot

Elite are our loyal customers who have stood by us and have actively helped us better the brand with their love, constructive criticism and feedbacks. When we started Faasos Elite, we promised exciting food-catchups where we unveil our new menu and Elites are given the opportunity to decide whether it is worth going on our app / web. Thus #FoodDiaries was born.

Here’s what we unveiled at FoodDiaries:



While we talk about the great starts and firsts, we also had a few forevers at the meet!

The group of students:

We were humbled to meet a group of college students who had brought a video with them from their 20 college mates telling us how big Faasos fans they were! (as we had a limitation of +1, they could only bring 3 of their friends). These instances highlight the fact that there are individuals who really believe in the brand. This belief urges us to serve not just fabulous food but a seven star experience.


The youngest critique: We also had the privilege to meet one of our youngest customers who also happens to be a Faasos loyalist. She is a girl of 8. Along with her parents (All 3 Elites), the family had traveled all the way from Bandra to spend an evening with us! Bonding over food is the best kind of bond there ever is.


Elite, loyal and how: Oh and not to forget, one of our most ardent fan rushed in from Dadar and told us how she has colonized an entire family to have Faasos! A wrap loyal {and she’s been having only wraps} she says she has been having Faasos since the beginning of time.


So much to Takeaway: The pleasure is all ours

When the much awaited meet was over, we returned home with a void in our hearts and a longing to do it all over again. What a bittersweet feeling!  However, this was not without incredible insight and invaluable feedback that we promise to work upon.

For now, we have a whole of unlearning, learning and relearning to do and we’ll leave you here with a few more wonderful images from the evening. Till another #FoodDiaries in another city.

Collage 1 (2)