The Kitchen Punks: Bow down to the 5 most Badass Chefs of All Time

“The chicken you cooked is so raw it is trying to cross the road”. “If you must be a rebel, make sure you win”, and of course, “I’ve long believed that good food, good eating, is all about risk. Whether we’re talking about unpasteurized Stilton, raw oysters or working for organized crime ‘associates,’ food, for me, has always been an adventure”

This is not your lovey, dovey ‘learnt from Grandma’ ‘people have been encouraging’ post. This is backing yourself, believing in your food, dealing with flying knifes and being the kitchen punks post. They’re sexy in what they do, they know it and they’ve started the fire.



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Pierre is his middle name but he could have passed with Marco-thedevilinthekitchen-White quite easily. You think you know about food? God-damn you don’t, and you’d know it under Marco. “A dash of introspection and few big great dollops of pure honesty” describes irascible chef and facing truth at its most bitter form is what you must be willing to deal with if you ever, ever, ever want to be anywhere near Marco Pierre White.

The Badass Factor: When customers wanted salt and pepper in this restaurant, they were thrown out of the restaurant. While you might term it as one’s inability to deal with criticism, we see it as backing for your food. That’s another thing that he soon went onto become one of the most coveted chefs in the world with 3 Michelin stars lacing his wok, and out of his sheer awesomeness, Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal were born!



Gordon Ramsay

His skill of knife matches that of his sarcasm and he raises hell if the food in his restaurant is found beyond standards. He is also the subject of many a “you cooked this meat so raw” meme and yes, we would tremble a bit near him. Gordon Ramsay is a British chef and restaurateur and has 15 Michelin stars in total.

The Badass Factor: If you think Ramsay was born with a silver spoon, you are wrong. He describes his life as itinerant owing to his alcoholic-at times violent, abusive father and found himself constantly moving homes until he was 16: that’s when he moved out of his home to a small apartment to start his life. And not just that, he was thrown away from many a restaurant before he reached where he is today. His dedication is so sincere that being infallible is not an advantage when you are cooking for him, it’s a criterion.




Julia Child

Wow, no one can toss bones from a “de-boned” duck, behind her, on set, in a TV show better than Julia Child. She may have put her apron at the age of 32 but that didn’t stop her from becoming one of the most Iconic characters in the Am-cooking-history. Unbelievable that a woman who has had no culinary courses for the first 32 years of her life would one day be single handedly responsible for popularizing French Cuisine in the US.

The Badass Factor: There is absolutely no pretence in Child. She would throw a bone behind her, take absolutely no credit for presentation and also put out that brilliant quote which would go on to be every messy cook’s Bible, “It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.”



Anthony Bourdain

He is a cool dude in the block and his salt and pepper hair almost flavors his looks well. But it’s not his journey as a chef to a TV presenter that makes him badass, it’s his documented chronicles or more popularly known as “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly”, released in 2000, that made him a star.

The Badass Factor: It often happens that when you try to write a book, you get a lot more interested in framing the book than just stating facts. Bourdain on the other hand kept it swear-swaddled and honestly so. His candid opinions on food without a sliver of fear make him a badass chef. Yes, he actually spoke of bully and flying knives.



Monica Galetti

“With her icy, unnerving stare and withering put-downs, Monica Galetti can turn chefs’ legs to jelly.” describes the UK mirror and rightly so! Monica Galetti, this year’s masterchef is already making rounds with her demeanor. Does she swear like Ramsay? No. Would she be overflowing with rage like Marco? Nope, nope. She would give you the stare man. When a reporter from the mirror went on to get a hands on experience, he trembled while prepping a trout and fumbled shelling a prawn. Yes, stares can do that to you. Believe us, it can.

The badass Factor: You know what’s her badass factor? She doesn’t HAVE TO tell anything. She will make your pastry cream curdle with that stare and you’d know you are wrong and yet there won’t be a word. That’s pretty badass on its own we tell you.