Hidden Gems of Indian Breakfasts: Part 2

Welcome to Hidden Gems of Indian Breakfast part 2. If you have missed part 1, you should take a quick detour and read it up. Believe us you, it’ll be worth it. In our endeavor to know food- and that quintessential Indian food- we are decoding  homely, Indian recipes that are not much spoken about, and dishes that we’ve all so very much grown up with.

In the same light, we need to mention that last post, we received tremendous support and response from all of you, and it was so much fun talking around, knowing dishes from the remotest corners of India. This post will feature some of you who suggested to us some exceptional recipes as well from lesser known places in India. Here we go all out!


Moong Daal Cheela of Uttar Pradesh 

Prerna Dubey Gupta told us about this wonderful breakfast crepes from Uttar Pradesh, which in all deliciousness blew our mind. Similar in texture- or maybe slightly dense- to the Dosa of south-India, these crepes are flavorsome, healthy and so filling. Best part is, you can add practically any veggie to the batter and also make it a bit unhealthy with a generous sprinkling of cheese. Found this recipe to be perfect! 


Sattu Paratha- Bihar

Vandana Sriwastava let us in on a quintessential breakfast dish from Bihar called Sattu Paratha and we had to put it in our list. Sattu is dry roast chana daal which is cooked with choicest spices and then stuffed in a paratha. Yum! Find recipe here



Luchi and Cholar Daal- Bengal

The bengali fraternity would disown us if we do not tell you all about this king size breakfast: Luchi is a flat bread made from plain flour, rolled into small discs and then deep fried to a hearty light golden. Cholar daal on the other hand is split bengal gram cooked into a thick prep with slices of coconut, cumin and asafoetida. Yes, pretty intense if you ask me.

Koki- Sindhi 

If you thought we’ve got it all covered, let us tell you we are not remotely there. When it comes to brekky, nothing compares to Koki– a hearty Sindhi breakfast- a filling, fragrant flatbread made from wheat flour- that combines bold and strong flavours like Ajwain, Cumin, coriander, onions and pomegranate.  We love it with a bit of Dahi.

Mangalore Buns- Mangalore

Sharon D’souza from thekeybunch who is also from Mangalore gave us this amazing breakfast to try- it’s called Mangalore Buns. Yes, even it you are eating it single, its called buns. Well, you know 😉 So basically, all purpose flour, ripe banana, sugar, yogurt and baking powder goes into a mix which is then rolled into discs and fried. YUM! We got a lovely recipe here that we followed and you can should you wish to.

sannas- fluffy

Sannas- Goa 

Sannas is a distant cousin of idli with regards to looks but ingredient and taste wise they are miles apart: and we’d go as far to say that sannas is far more tasty than idli. Ruchik Randhap gives a fabulous insight into Sannas, its making and the dishes that are generally had with sannas. While you can pair it with a fragrant pork curry for dinner {Smells Christmas-sey?} you can also have it with Roce {Sweetened coconut milk} for breakfast with tea. Seriously, all these years in Goa and haven’t had sannas and roce yet. Maybe we should kill ourselves.

Anyway, if you are reading this space, and you have a fabulous breakfast idea that you would like to share, feel free. We are all ears. See you laters gators.



Hidden Gems of Indian Breakfasts: Part 1


Idli, Dosa, Poha, Sambhar, Aloo paratha: Oh, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Delve a little deeper and you’ll find an array of super delicious breakfasts that people in India relish and have had for ages but unfortunately very few know of it- simply because very few talk about it!

While sunny side up eggs, a couple of sausages, baked beans and toast has effortlessly become the universal symbol of a good breakfast, let us tell you there are some crazy cool breakfasts waiting to be discovered which graces common Indian tables everyday and you will thank us that we told you this!

Masala Bread Upma 2

Phodni Cha Bread- Maharashtra: White bread, cut in cubes and tossed with curry leaves and spices

What started as an experiment- God knows in whose kitchen- spread like weed on fire among picky breakfasteers and is now a worthy contender to Vada-Pav as a breakfast item. Unfortunately, Vada-Pav still has that market edge you know. More stalls, more footfalls. This being a “Home-only” breakfast is available no where- not even in the most authentic restaurants that claims to serve breakfast.

This is the closest recipe we have found by now!


Namak-Ajwain ki paratha- Punjab: You think Aloo Paratha is the quintessential Punjabi breakfast? You are mistaken. You will go bonkers with the explosion of taste in your mouth when you eat this paratha and dahi or curd.

Recipe For Namak-Ajwain Paratha


Jolpan - Assamese Breakfast - Chira Mudhi Doi Goor Jolpan (1)

Jolpan- Assam: Now, this was novelty to us too. Jolpan (which is also a bengali word) literally means to drink water but in context it would mean something similar to what “chai-paani” would mean in rest of the country. Btw, Assam is not West Bengal. Although these two states share a fair amount of cuisine in common, breakfast in Assam looks a whole lot different than what it looks in Bengal. A typical Assamese breakfast would consist of Xandoh (roast and ground rice) Chira (flattened rice) Muri (Puffed rice) gur (jaggery) and doi (curd).

Recipe for Jolpan


Surti Sev Khamani- Gujarat– Sev Khamani is a popular breakfast in Gujarat and can be traditionally made from Dhokla but some of them prefer to do it from scratch. So basically, its a lentil snack made in a juicy, sweet and tangy prepration and is served with sev. As opposed to the ones mentioned above, Surti Khamani is only available in one shop called Lijjat Khamani shop in Ahmedabad and queues start early.

Sev Khamani Recipe


Harissa, Noon Chai or Sheer Chai & baquerkhani- Kashmir- Your quest for Kashmiri food shouldn’t end with Dum olaav and Kehwa. In homes of Kashmir, a common breakfast would look like noon chai, baquerkhani, Girda and Lavasa.

Recipe For Noon Chai


Puttu- Kerala- No, Idli and Dosa is not the end of South Indian breakfast. Puttu on the other hand is for a Keralite. The most popular breakfast of Kerala, Puttu is a steamed dish made with flour and coconut and is usually served with Kadala curry or with Pazham (banana) and sugar.

Recipe and image source

Well, that’s just the end of part 1. But stay tuned throughout our breakfast week for updates on breakfast not known!